Biannual Event Post

This also continues my thoughts on why one shouldn't get out of bed in the morning.

Woke up early and needed to use the W.C., so I got out of bed, walked about 10 feet (have I mentioned this isn't a big house?) and blam! I swear the guardian angel of falling watches over me, but is a little slow to react and catch me. So amazed I didn't break any bones!

This now appears to have become a biannual event. It's "the fall and get a black eye fest". Yes, once again I have managed to crash and nearly kill myself. I have a nice shiner to show for it as well as a nasty bruise to the eye socket. Throw in a little nausea and you have a party! Well, not really. But I am once again quite "colorful" and becoming more so by the hour.

It starts out looking innocent enough, kind of like purple eye shadow and then begins to cover the lid area during the next 24 - 48 hours. This blurry pic was taken 12 hours after the fall. So far (keeping fingers crossed) it's not as bad as last January's masterpiece.

I added a bruised neck and chin just for the "fun" of it. Plus, to keep my eye and head, etc. company, my knee has joined the fest this time. I can barely put any weight on my left leg.

Life is such a pain as you age, especially if your balance suffers. At least last time, I could blame it on Blue playing with the fringe on the bedroom rug which left a corner of it flipped up. As I carried a double armful of laundry into the bedroom to fold on the bed, I tripped on the rug and slammed into the cabinet and floor.

This time I have no excuse. As I said, I was walking towards the bathroom and just went over, smashing into the door jam and floor. How special. (That was sarcasm.) If you can't tell, I'm completely annoyed with myself. Sigh....

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