Early Morning Magic Post

Was up earlier than normal today. Glancing out the East facing kitchen window and saw something I'd never seen. Ever. Since it rained yesterday, everything is soaking wet. Out in the parkway, I saw what looked like smoke coming out of an empty, parked car. As I looked harder, I realized it wasn't smoke, it was steam coming off the trunk of a tree as the rising sun warmed it. An amazing sight! There's so much grace and magic in this world if we just take the time to really look!

I'll write more a bit later, need to crawl back under the covers right now, I'm freezing! Would kill for an espresso right now!

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Blogger Joanne said...

Wow that's crazy! I don't think it's quite that cold here yet...but how cool.

11/22/11, 4:10 AM  
Blogger Christine said...

It really was something! Only in the low 40's at night. Bundled up (lol) and went out to photograph it, but oddly it couldn't be seen in the photos. That's what I call magic!

11/22/11, 11:57 AM  

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