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Yesterday, I suddenly stopped what I was doing and thought J.F.K.!  As always I'm either early or late...today is the 49th anniversary of John Fitzgerald Kennedy's assassination. I looked up J.F.K. online and found the following at Wikipedia (which by the way, is having a fund-raising drive):
"The assassination of John F. Kennedy in November 1963 was the Baby Boomer generation’s 9/11, as author Stephen King has cogently put it. The shock of seeing the charismatic president murdered in a Dallas motorcade was an unimaginable event, one that continues to have resonance...."
I thought this was a perfect way to describe this event for those around the world who never lived through that time. If you ask anyone who was alive back then, they can remember exactly where they were when it happened, or just after, when they first heard about it.

My mom was in the Post Office.

I was in grade school. Sister Marie Bernard had taken us down to the "media" room (forgot what it was called back then). We were watching some educational TV show when another nun came running in and said "turn on channel such and such".

There we all sat in stunned horror watching the playback of the shooting. Jackie in her pink Chanel suit and classic, matching pillbox hat with the president waving, as it all played out.

Utter horror, shock and disbelief.
Source:  Wikipedia
The pall of silence that fell over the room was suffocating. On November 22, 1963 the world was changed and marred forever in a few seconds. A void was created that will never be filled. Nothing would ever be the same again. I'll never, ever forget that day as long as I live.

Please go in peace and safety. Sleep well and feel loved.



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