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This whole accepting life as it comes and not going into a deranged tailspin of worry and fighting what I can have no effect on, is still new to me. I'm still kind of in shock. It's almost as if, once I gave up the mindset that I "could" control life, I was set free, freer than I'd ever felt before.

The little snafu* with my brother still was weighing on me when I finally decided to let it go over the weekend. I can't change him, he has a stubborn streak as do I so it would only get worse.
After the Storm.
Once again, a sweet little gift dropped into my lap today. I didn't wish for anything, I just went about my daily business of working on my blog and checking on friend's blogs. The only thing different was that I'd let go of fear and worry for the day. There was nothing I could do today to resolve the events of the last week, so why give today short shrift? It didn't do anything to me.

In fact, it struck me that I was so grateful not to have him as well as the man I used to be married to (known as doltoid in my writings) in my life at this point. No more of the usual trap of waiting for their approval or whatever. Amazing how much more you can see with 20/20 hindsight. I was so thankful!

This means I'm on my own, all by my self which is scary. But sometimes "being alone" is better than "being alone with..." those kind of individuals.

While I dwelt in the unfamiliar peace that I found this midweek, I read Corey Amaro's blog, Tongue in Cheek, her Sunday entry which I must have missed when she posted it.

It's not so much what she wrote, but her link to Amy Voskamp's book, "One Thousand Gifts:  A Dare to Live Fully Right Where You Are". Right below the "Book Description" you'll find a short video, watch it. Magical! I also found a quote that I like from the book, "It is impossible to give thanks and simultaneously feel fear".

It  really sounded like a good book based on the reviews. However, after reading Amazon's "Look Inside" I decided the book's not for me and for a number of reasons. I don't mean to sound judgy (that is a word isn't it? Lol!) but it's a little too mother with six children living on the farm, finding Christ, for my personal taste. But have a look yourself, it may be something you'll like. Me, I'll glean what I can and be thankful for the gifts it contained for me.

Sometimes the end result (buying the book) isn't the message, it's reading a few parts that contribute to your life and that's enough. It's the journey not the destination that's important. It's finding the Grace in things as they are, not demanding something, some place else.

*I think that's why I like the acronym "snafu" it's meaning is so perfect for moments in life that don't go the way we wanted or planned. Check out this link for a complete definition. (Note: for those with a delicate constitution, there is a swear word in the acronym so please be advised.)

Well, I'm off to listen to A Prairie Home Companion podcast or two and then to bed. Funny, found a rather critical review of it recently relating to the "snore factor" which I found hysterical because that's exactly why I listen. Only in my case, I'd refer to it as the "relaxing factor" and I'm fond of them just for that. I LOVE stories, especially when told by a great storyteller!

Goodnight :)

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