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You may or may not recall my post on July 6, 2009 about the new tenant who moved in next door.  I marveled at how quickly he was moved in among other things.  Well, he moved out today.  Initially it only took 2 hours to load the small rental panel truck.  While he was hardly ever home in the last year, he must have acquired a few more “things” while living there because it took him 3 more trips in his SUV to get all of his stuff moved.  From the time between loads, I surmised that he didn’t move too far away, not that it matters one way or another.  I just find the amount of possessions men have an intriguing topic.  They have so few!  I can honestly say that I don’t know one woman who could have her house packed in less than 3.5 hours.  I wonder why that is?  It seems that articles on women often refer to them as detail-oriented.  Does that mean that “things” play a more important part in their lives?  I don’t know…I just know that I’m always baffled when I see what possessions men have/need in their lives vs. women.



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