Countdown to T-Day and Beyond

Since Turkey Day was rapidly approaching, I spent an inordinate amount of time researching cooking and stuffing Roasters which are bigger, therefore older and potentially tougher than everyday Fryers. I so very much DO NOT want to relive last Thanksgiving's utter failure!

I'm debating using a turkey cooking bag, or treating it like a turkey and basting it. Just like a turkey, if it starts getting to brown before my instant read thermometer says "done", tenting it with foil.

 I know for sure that when I pick the Roaster up, I'll be getting a bunch of fresh sage. Regardless of roasting technique, my plan calls for lifting the skin on the breast, away from the meat (don't remove it) and elsewhere and sliding sage leaves under with a little softened butter. Another technique that I found on several sites may involve getting the bird all set and doing this followed with a few hours uncovered in the fridge. This will supposedly help crisp the skin when it's finally cooked. Check here for more info and video on crispy skin from Cook's Illustrated.

Yes, I know it's rather a lot to go through for one person, but if you don't take care of and treat yourself well, then who will? I think that's one of the things I've learned in the last four and one half years of waiting to get divorced. In the end, all one has is one's self. And how you treat yourself may determine how you come out on the other side of a bad situation. To quote Cher (something I've never done before, but apropos for this moment)..."we all sleep alone".

So if you're alone on a holiday, don't give in to the malaise of depression, which is definitely easier "said" than "done" but think of it as a gift to yourself. Try to find something you could enjoy about the holiday (it doesn't have to be big) and do it. I'm already thinking about Christmas and what I can do to make that day special for me. It shouldn't necessarily involve spending a lot of money either. Last year I knit one thing for everyone in my family, five in all. I wrapped them just so in cellophane with multiple holiday colored bows from my ribbon collection which I may start selling on Etsy very soon. I'll never get through all the vintage and unusual ribbons and lace I've collected by the time I leave this planet! I decided to wrap the gifts in cellophane because a lot of work went into knitting those babies so why cover them with wrapping paper? Plus, cost-wise, all I had to buy was cellophane, everything else was in my "stash"!

But I digress. I think this year could involve some jewelry making among other things. I'll keep you posted. And do take good care of yourself in the upcoming days, you're worth the effort! Really!!

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