The first year alone, I was still in married mode and cooked an 18 pound turkey. Duh. It came out great but really was sooo much work and overkill for one human. The one dark spot that holiday (other than Thanksgiving alone) was using the only dressing locally available, Mrs. Cubbisons. Eouw, mush and cardboard tasting. The next year, I repeated the same turkey overkill but was lucky enough to find O.N.E. store that had Pepperidge Farms seasoned cube dressing. Delicious!! Still too much turkey.

The following year I cooked nothing special and was bummed. You know all about last year's Thanksgiving-turkey-breast-slow-cooker-failure. So I have been searching for what to make this year. Luckily I saw one of the stores in area was having roasting chickens (vs. the usual fryers that are available) on sale for $1.19/lb. Since these birds weigh in at 6 to 8 pounds (fryers are usually 3-4 pounds) they're perfect for stuffing and serving one person with just enough left overs for another dinner and sandwich or two.

Since childhood my mom's and then my "go-to" stuffing has been Pepperidge Farms seasoned cubes. The cubes hold up well under cooking and don't turn to mush. Well, this year, every store has had PF dressing on sale but not the cubes. They've been carrying the ground up bread crumb style. Aka:  Mush.
My mom picked this up one year by mistake and never heard the end of "mush dressing". So I've been quite annoyed and puzzled as to why all the stores went gung-ho on the mush version. 

As a result, I've been searching on line for a good stuffing recipe with sage, thyme, celery, onions and bread for the most part. Nothing fancy. No sausage, chestnuts, cornbread or apples. In my search I've found quite a few but they all include one or two eggs which I don't really feel comfortable including in something that's going to cook inside poultry. So if anyone reading this has any, what I would call classic Midwestern, stuffing recipes, I'd love some recipe suggestions. 

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