Very Soon

At least 12 plus avocados. Very hard to see against a white-out sky.
Very soon I will be inundated with avocados. As I've mentioned in the past, half of a huge avocado tree hangs in my yard. It's a beautiful tree and this year is loaded, really loaded. It's such a shame though. I like avocados, they however, don't like me. As I mentioned in a past post, I became very ill on some guacamole in a great little Mexican restaurant years ago, so I end up giving this treasure trove away by the bagfull. After some research on it I found out it's a Fuerte avocado, not a Reed. It's super creamy and everyone who's tried them loves the texture and flavor. Fuertes also have quite a bit more "meat" than the Hass that are commonly found in the grocery. I was out in the yard yesterday and looked up at the brach directly above me. There had to be over a dozen fruits hanging in very small area. Between the pecan tree and this, it's no wonder the squirrels are such plump little beasts! Here are a few photos of what I'm about to be bombarded with!

This is just one innocent little avocado, but he has friends, many, many friends.

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