Storm Warnings, Cookies & Posie

The local weather prognosticators are beside themselves with delight. In the land of sunshine, a storm has arrived and another one will be following right on the heels of this one. Of course they have to hype it up declaring "winter storm watch", "possibly lightening and thunder" and "heavy rains". Well, so far, there's been rain, but not heavy by Midwestern standards. A nice rain, more than drizzle but less than stormy.

Of course this means Mr. Blue is extremely reluctant to set a paw out on the wet ground. If it's actually raining, there's no hope of getting him within ten feet of the back door. Between rain showers, I've had luck throwing a little "treat" out and twice now he's actually gone out and gotten it...and better yet, did what he needed to do. Of course upon coming back in the house, he gets another treat. So we're looking at a happy pupp-let. The cookies he gets are Newman's Own Organic Dog Treats. I was introduced to them by the neighbor across the street with her 3 little boys when I first got Blue.
According to the advertising "Paul Newman treats are made with nothing but natural, wholesome ingredients like organic barley flour, organic carrots and organic apples. Our formulas contain no wheat, corn or soy products. The heart shape is perfect as a training reward. Convenient resealable package keeps treats fresh and tasty. Offered in a variety of flavors." 

They come in small and medium. I usually break the medium size in half when I can't find a bag of the small size cookies. Since I don't want to goof up his digestive track with all different flavors, I've pretty much stayed with the chicken flavor. (No affiliation, just "Blue Approved") The typical retail price for a bag is $3.49 although I did see them at Ralph's for $3.99 and didn't purchase any. A bag of either size usually last about two weeks or so.

Just the other day Alicia Paulson over at Posie Gets Cozy posted this link from Allie of Hyperbole and a Half. I hope Alicia won't mind me sharing because the author/artist is spot on with the drawings and description of the traumas of moving one's animals. The post was so hysterical that I laughed till I was crying! It was that funny! (Well, either that or I was slap happy from being unable to fall asleep!) Enjoy and also check out Alicia's blog, I appreciate her style of writing and quality photos immensely. And who could not love her little Corgi Clover Meadow with friends the Bee (aka Bridget) and Violet?

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