Green Tomatoes and Guilt

I know in recent posts I complained that it was still unduly hot in November. Next time I say something like that, slap me! Yesterday I was freezing. It was all of 62F in the house. Being outside this morning to plant my sweet pea seeds required not just my leather palm and cloth tops garden gloves but the full blown all leather ones! It also entailed pulling up the last of the volunteer tomato plants and weeding around the gardenia bushes, a bit more work than I planned on. I have never met such a generous plant as this tomato. I pull up 4 volunteers, 3 more appear, pull up those and five more appear! It's crazy. This is the tomato "Champion" which has tough skin and isn't that great taste-wise so I didn't want to be bothered with it this year. But it persisted despite me. The darn plants have a dozen 1-2 inch tomatoes on them which I know from experience will not ripen no matter what I do to them and I have no desire to can 12 little fruits.

In one of my past jobs, there was a man who loved fried green tomatoes, so every fall he was delighted with the garden "left-overs". This is where the ghost of my mother who lived through the first depression appears shaking her head as I throw the tomatoes away. Oh well, I guess I'll just be wasteful because I'm not going to try to do anything with these 12 little guys. Oh, the baggage we can carry.
Such a sad little plot of land. I really need to toss some flower seeds in this Spring.



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