It's a Miracle

You'll recall from this post, that I could not find my tried and true Pepperidge Farm Cube Seasoned Stuffing.

Today I walked into two stores and almost fell over! There was the stuffing of my past. I bought two bags immediately! Heaven....

All that's left to get for my little Thanksgiving meal will be a Foster Farm Roaster which I'll pick up on Monday or Tuesday. I'm so happy that I will not have to fight the traditional Thanksgiving shopping hoards. So very happy now that I have "the dressing". I know, my posts aren't riveting and exciting but for someone who lives alone in the fifth year of trying to get divorced from the spouse of 34+ years, this is true happiness. It's magnificence for someone who is living in limbo. I take the smallest of little highlights as a gift of grace and am truly thankful for those moments.

What are you thankful for this year?

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