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Being on a tight budget, I always look at the Tuesday and Wednesday grocery store fliers. This week's ads had a load of turkey offers! I'm sorry, but isn't Thanksgiving a few weeks off, like more than 2 weeks away? I wonder how many people have room in their freezer for a big bird until that time?

I've also noticed prices on everything going up for the last few months. The $1.79/lb. beef shank at Stater Bros. is $1.99 now. Last night there was a news clip on just this...food prices rising. I remember when I was part of a couple, having a steak at least once a month. I don't think I've had a steak for over two years. Rather remarkable when I think about it. I'm pretty much a chicken, salad and beans with rice kind of gal lately with the occasional sandwich thrown in. That could also explain my fascination with food blogs lately.

One food blog called Chocolate and Zucchini has a new foodie desktop calendar that you can download once a month. If you go to her blog, one the left hand side under "Archives by Category" you'll find "Desktop Calendars". There you can enjoy a slew of great pics for your desk top. I fell in love with July 2010's bright yellow zucchini photo so I haven't changed it. I find it very cheery. Though I may be tempted by November's lovely French confection!  The photos are always well styled and a pleasure to view! The blog itself is very informative and her recipes are intriguing. The entry for Oct. 26 had Cep(e) and Walnut Pizza. It was garnished with freshly picked mushrooms; can you imagine? I forgot to mention that she (Clotilde) lives in France and has a cookbook which is on my Christmas wish list. For more information go to my 11/10/10 entry.

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