Roller Coasters

Well, we are supposed to hit 93F today which means more like the high 90's for this area. Yesterday it was 99F and then we're to drop to 85F and 77F by Saturday. I guess the weather hasn't gotten the message that it's November!! Enough already.

Speaking of roller coasters, I think those are my favorite rides at theme parks. I remember class trips to Muskego Lake amusement park in grade school and high school. You can keep the ferris wheels (too scary) and the Wild Mouse just give me the earth shattering speed of a roller coaster flying through the air. There was something special about the old time amusement parks vs. today's. When I think of them, I feel a nostalgia for times and innocence lost. And while I realize change is the only constant, I still miss the time of rotary dial phones, vinyl albums, poodle skirts (thank heavens I just missed that fad) and the days when getting the mail meant something other than junk mail.

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