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Since it was a lovely day with clouds floating in between the sunshine, I bounced up and down while Mom was cleaning the yard. I reached up her leg and pleaded to play ball. She's not real keen on playing ball with me she says because I don't get the idea of fetch. What she doesn't know is that I understand perfectly well what fetch means but it gets terribly boring so I liven it up by making her try to get the ball back. She isn't impressed with my game of fetch. Of course maybe there's the thing with the missing blue ball. Last week, she got tired of chasing me and went inside, leaving me with the ball.  Now the ball is missing...how is that my fault I ask you?
"Okay, we're outside now so throw the ball. Pleeeeeease! I promise to bring it back!"

"Here I am speedily bringing the ball back."
"Now we'll play my way, note how I balance the ball on my paws so I know where it is at all times."
"I hear something..."
"...it's Mom trying to sneak up on me and get my ball!'
"No, I'm not giving you my ball! I have plans for it!"
"Like ripping all the fuzz off it"
"You can't fool me with tummy rubs, you're just trying to sneak up on me and steal my ball!"
"All in all, a good day to play!"

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