Avocado Rain by Blue

This is way more fun than my tennis ball!
And so it begins, the first two avocados knocked from the tree by a squirrel (or something else that I don't want to know about). I found the first half-eaten one and tossed it. Mr. Blue found the second one and tried to pick it up. I let him play with it a while just to see what would happen. It was hysterical, because the pear shape made it a real challenge. He couldn't fit his mouth around the big, heavy, rounded lower half so he had to pick it up at the small stem end.
If I could just figure out how to pick this up....
This meant he dragged the avocado because it's not a well balanced load in his mouth. We played his version of "catch" where I throw the avocado (which is way more fun than a round ball). Its pear-like shape makes it bounce hither and yon across the lawn so a lot of maneuvering is needed to finally get it.

Then he runs and gets it and then runs away with it or in this case, drags it and since he can't move as fast, I can catch him.
It's MINE!
We did this for a while until he started to nip at it like he does when he peels the fuzz off his tennis ball.

He really isn't quite sure what to do with it because I don't think he knows it's food.

I've mentioned these avocados in past posts as being larger and heavier than the Hass type found in the store. Well I weighed the one Blue found and it weighted 1.1 pounds (.5 kgs.) even after he started "peeling" it. Now if it's tough for a 24 pound (10.91 kgs.) dog to drag the avocado on the ground, imagine the squirrel, most likely hanging upside down from a branch, trying to acquire an avocado. No wonder so many avocados with little nibble marks land in the yard.

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