Leftovers and Cooking by the seat of my Pants!

Forgot to mention that I used up all the Thanksgiving leftovers either in sandwiches, turkey stock or this casserole which I have to say was delish!! I didn't have any brown rice so I used basmati rice which has a lovely nutty flavor and cut back on the liquids just a bit. It made a huge casserole so I froze two squares of it.

Checking in on "Cooking by the seat of my Pants!" blog, Jerry has a recipe he'd whipped up to deal with the large amount of leftover stuffing that he had. Now, frankly, I never, ever, ever have leftover stuffing because I love it so much. But it sounded like an inexpensive way to use it up while making a nice presentation and including healthy greens for the family.
This is Jerry's photo of the recipe I linked to above. 
I really enjoy "Cooking by the seat of my Pants!". He's a wonderfully inventive cook, and an engaging writer who posts great pics on his blog. His wife serves in our military and recently was serving in Turkey for 15 months. I can't even imagine that. So much for the whole family to deal with, I have to thank her here (and her family and all the other military families) for the sacrifices they're making for each and every one of us and our country. Regardless of one's political leanings, I really don't think we can ever thank them enough!

I've posted about Jerry's blog before. I'm still trying to find smoked ham shanks and am beginning to think the kind he used doesn't exist in Southern California. Von's recently advertised them but they bore no resemblance to Jerry's photos. They looked like a whole leg of pork! Huge.

Recently, Jerry posted his experience at the most recent FoodBuzz blogger festival in San Francisco. Makes me wish I could attend but then this isn't really a food blog. Regardless, do give his post a read because it sounds like tons of fun and his blog has a load of easy and creative recipes!

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