Fruitcake Anyone?

Can you believe that Thanksgiving has come and gone already? Only 22 days till Christmas! Eeek! I am in no way prepared! Luckily, I don't have a large family but two individuals also have birthdays within four days of December 25! Double Eeeek! Plus a friend has a holiday birthday! Triple Eeeeek! I was so prepared last year that I can't figure out what I was thinking not starting on presents sooner! I may be visiting Etsy sooner than later. Plus the bulk of the gifts have to be sent across the country.

I can't believe I actually thought of this, but suddenly I remembered how, for some strange reason, as a child we received an inordinate amount of fruitcakes around the holidays. I have never understood the brain of the fruitcake sender...what were they thinking? Were fruit cakes that cheap? Did the sender really "like" fruitcakes? Sometimes I seriously wondered if they were just re-gifting them from the year before. I mean, who would know? The things have a shelf life of eternity! I can honestly say I have never tasted a good fruit cake. I actually just toyed with the idea of sending my brother a fruitcake as a joke; a little toddle down memory lane. I won't though, but the idea of it gave me a nice chuckle. Heh, heh, heh.

But as usual, I digress. Back to gift-making-denial and thinking about what can be fashioned in the next 15 or so days. Tell me that hearing how many days are left until the holidays doesn't just bring the slightest chill to your spine. Perhaps there's time for one or two knit items plus the current one I'm working on. It's designed by Teva Durham. I'm knitting it in a deep burgundy.
Photo by Vogue Knitting Winter 2009 (I think...)
But I also have 3 men to make something for! I need a magic wand. It's extra hard because I don't know what on earth they might like. Well, it's not your worry. But if anyone reading this has any ideas they'd be welcome!

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