Helicopters & Rain & Still Lifes

Last night it rained. More than a drizzle but close to almost a thunderstorm because I heard thunder in the distance which of course, caused Mr. Blue to bark. The other day we were in the backyard and a helicopter was flying overhead at a low altitude. Suddenly Blue was bouncing up and down, looking up and barking. There was a lot of eye-rolling on my part at seeing this silly behavior. I don't know if he was "protecting" us from the copter or trying to chase it away, but it was quite funny to see.

The pecan tree is shedding its leaves everywhere and the rain knocked even more off the tree. It did create a number of nice photos:
Doesn't this look rather like Koi swimming about?

The gardeners appear every other Monday to "mow and blow". They're nice gentlemen but since I don't speak Spanish, communication occurs via charades which I'm sure they find quite amusing. Now that's all well and good but there are several flaws in this system, specifically, about half of what I occasionally ask for actually gets done. Today I requested that they toss a water soaked shoe rack from Target in the garbage because rain soaked particle board is super heavy, which they kindly did. I also asked if they could weed the small patch where I want to plant the sweet peas, and they kindly obliged...sort of. They pulled out the volunteer tomatoes and other larger weeds but left all the smaller ones. Note:  the tomato cages were in another part of the yard. The gardeners put them here maybe so I wouldn't notice the weeds they missed? Still, I really can't complain. The hand hoe will make quick work of the tiny weeds.

This has happened in the past at other houses with other gardeners. When I inquired why they left the small weeds they told me that the small ones where too little to weed-whack or hand pick. Maybe I'm just overly critical, but I don't think so. Oh well, the worst is done and now I'll just take my hand hoe and turn the baby weeds and grasses under several times to get rid of them. Then I'll have to put up a sign warning not to weed the incoming sweet peas. Experience has taught me this.

Twice I've planted a small herb garden with thyme, oregano, dill, savory, tarragon and cilantro. When I got home after work I went to see how the plants were doing. All the herbs except the cilantro had been "weeded". I was beside myself but I learned a valuable lesson and now always leave a sign in English and Spanish so the guys know what not to touch. Just have to find someone to translate for me.

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