Happy New Year's Eve!

Spending the evening at home tonight. Channel 7 has a movie on tonight that I wanted to see (it looked funny from the trailers) called "Wild Hogs" so we'll see if I was right about not blowing money to see it. If it's good, great, if not, I have several DVDs to re-watch. I have a bunch of nibbles for today and tomorrow. Tonight I'm having steak tartare for dinner.

I won't be mixing the beef with any other ingredients though, just ground sirloin on caraway seeded rye bread, covered with finely sliced red onions, Celtic sea salt and a dash of pepper. Yum! It's funny, but occasionally when I've mentioned it to someone, I get this horrified look...raw? I've learned it's not worth the breath to comment on the fact that I know they like sushi. Somehow that's "different", no idea why.

It's something I only eat once a year, except for the occasional carpaccio in a restaurant, which has become a rare treat in this economic climate. On a positive note, Von's had ground sirloin on sale, so the dinner will be cheaper than the rotisserie chicken I originally planned on buying. Such a nice surprise to find the unexpected sale. What's funny is that as a child, I didn't like this at all. My dad really looked forward to it during the holidays but mixed in the traditional way and with tabasco sauce.

Edited later in the evening:  the steak tartare was totally delicious and now I'm very glad to say that I guessed right about "Wild Hogs", the trailer was the best part. So I watched Out of Africa which I know by heart but still enjoy every single time! The soundtrack and photography are so breathtaking. Meryl Streep, as always, an amazing chameleon of an actress!

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