Lazy Day #2

I have no idea why, but for some reason, this week I've been hit with the laziness bug. I don't want to do a thing. Maybe it's because it's the phantom sort of week between Christmas and New Years...no idea.

Actually, just as I wrote that, I realized, that it's because I have to do "divorce stuff/work". I can't believe how it still can attack and freeze me even before I'm conscious of it. I start working on it with gusto and typing like a madwoman I don't see what is happening in the background of my psyche. My consciousness just says "pooh" to any effect that working on this may have on me. My subconsciousness just slides down into numbness without me seeing it. Then, I'm surprised when I feel exhausted, lazy or drained.

Any wishes, prayers, hopes and twinkles for my mental survival and recovery would be most appreciated! I've not mastered that yet obviously.

Today and tonight have brought freezing temperatures and raging winds. I hate it. Huge tumbleweeds attacking cars on the freeways and big wind everywhere were the news of the day. I grew up with thunderstorms, rain, snow, black ice and tornadoes. I moved here to get away from all that. I don't want freezing cold, wild, wind storms with crazy ninja tumbleweeds!

So Cal is a "non-weather-event" area. So all the "weather" lately is a bit unsettling for most living here. Yes, we are a delicate bunch aren't we?

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