Tracey B, a Fav

There are a handful of blogs I regularly visit because I really like their authors and feel a kindred spirit in them. One of them is Notes From A Cottage Industry. Tracey Buxton is a remarkable woman who has way more energy than me! She works part-time in a bank and has an antiques business currently housed at Camus Antiques in Oregon. She haunts flea markets unearthing amazing furniture and accessories which she refinishes and displays for sale there. Like me, she's gone through a divorce. She's found a new life in Oregon with her dog, Moose and shares her experiences in words and pictures.

Her style of writing makes me feel like I'm just dropping in to see how things are going with her and what new designs she's come up with. She has some great seasonal design kits and banners available for sale on line. You have to see them, I can't do them justice in describing them.

She has a talent and eye for design that inspires me to get the lead out and make this house a home. Her blog is a great resource for seasonal design without going over the top cute. She also is an amazing cupcake designer...envy this 'cause even though I can do a lot of things, making frosting behave and "bend to your will" is not in my bag of tricks. I mean look at her nest cupcakes with little blue eggs!

Anyhow, do give her blog a look. There's a lot there and she posts regularly. Enjoy!

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