As Time Goes By

This post is probably due to the holiday season. That time of year when everyone, regardless of their feelings, comes together in a semblance of "family". I apologize in advance for sounding a bit down in spirit. I've tried to make this blog more positive than when I began it. But sometimes that just doesn't work. Sorry.

This is also possibly the result of feelings for my beloved Frost who died at 2:06 a.m. one year ago today. I don't know, I have Blue to keep me company now but somehow it's not quite the same. Siberians are very unique creatures. They are fully cognizant that "they are not dogs" even if they look like dogs. Maybe it's having had that breed for 30 plus years. Whatever the case, I really miss Frost. She was a wonderful companion as were all the other loved ones.
Frost in her favorite corner of the yard wearing her holiday finery. xox

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