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As always, I try not to talk religion or politics on this blog since I believe "to each their own". But it's interesting how the universe/god can tell when you're losing it. I know I've been rather negative in the last few posts and I apologize for it. Today, I unexpectedly received a pep talk/praying over from a friend via the phone. Since that talk, I have felt so much better. Seems I've found that I am able to separate with a  number of things, vintage and antique. Suddenly they're not so "dear" and I can let go.

I think knowing the final divorce papers were filed with the court today, has also hit me...it's almost over, finally. I can lift a load off and get on with my life. This divorce has reduced me to a totally frozen state where I'm incapable of anything other than breaking out in psoriasis and itching like a crazy woman.

I've decided to start photographing the the items I can part with and put them up for sale on this blog since I'm still working on an Etsy site.  It's going to be quite an array of things, from crafting supplies to vintage and antique pieces. As soon as I figure out how to add a Paypal button to the blog, I'll begin. I've also started to do some jewelry work again, so that will be showing up as well. I'm hoping to make a little money so that I can continue to have a roof over my head and not end up living in my car.

I want to thank everyone who takes a bit of their time to read this little blog. Again, sorry for being such a negative grump lately. May the bluebird of happiness land on your shoulder and whisper joy to you.

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