Raccoon Update

In my bedroom is a brass bed that's over 105 years old. The box spring is actually part of the brass bed and so it's higher than most of today's beds. Last night as I went to bed, I expected Blue to curl up on the floor next to me as usual or nestle in his bed which is at the foot of mine. He suddenly shot under the bed (he doesn't even have to duck) taking Mr. Raccoon with him. It's like he now has a little den for the two of them. All that you could see was his little furry tail. This morning, Mr. Raccoon is nowhere to be found, so I guess he's still catching some "zzz's" in the bed cave. Blue is just so disgustingly cute! Worth every penny for the laughter and joy he provides.

Oh, and the raccoon toy cost me all of $1.75 plus tax...talk about a bargain! Bye for now, have a lovely day.

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