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Italy 2002
I found a beautiful post today at one of my favorite blogs, White on Rice Couple. They're professional photographers and filmmakers in LA and the work they do is beautiful. They're going on a vacation soon, not for professional purposes, but for themselves. I so envy them, I haven't been on a vacation in over 6 years, of course, being unemployed of late, doesn't help that. But that's life. They'll be going to Vietnam which is Diane's familial home and I'm hoping they'll post pictures of their journey.
Very special pigs, Greve in Chianti
If any of you follow the blog, Tongue in Cheek by Corey Amaro, we were all lucky enough to travel along with her and her husband Yann through parts of Asia and China. Their daughter was there on a college study program. The photos she shared were wonderful. A true glimpse into the China we (or I) never see. For someone who misses travel immensely and a good companion to enjoy it with, sharing her journey was a joy. It started Feb. 27 and lasted about two months. Her daughter also had a blog of her time there and has some gorgeous photos of day trips taken between studies.
Room with a View
Thinking about vacation made me wonder how much I would enjoy it now. With all the insane (but understandable) security requirements, airline fees and traveling alone, I don't know if I would enjoy it so much. Half the fun of travel (IMHO) is to share it with someone who loves to travel and enjoy other cultures and cuisines as much as you. Note:  the photos are from a trip to Tuscany in 2002.

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