Yet Another "Second Post"

Well that didn't last long...May Gray that is. Yesterday was blindingly sunny and in the high 80's (27's C) much to my dismay. Today looks like it's going to be pretty much the same. Checked the weather forecast though and it's supposed to cool back down. Whew! We don't need summer to start in mid-May.

Let's see, what's going on today other than the world ending? Well, I'm trying two recipes, one from the Lick the Bowl Good blog and the other from About.com Southern recipes (since I can never be satisfied with just one recipe the way it is). Though I do recall this penchant getting me in some trouble in the past, as in "the end result" wasn't all that great. But all I'm doing is adding a little catsup from the second set of ingredients to the first.

Excuse me a moment while I laugh hysterically (but quietly). While sitting here typing this, my little Corgi is sleeping under my chair and suddenly snoring quite loudly! I'd take a photo but the camera's in the kitchen, dang! It's really surprising how loudly he's snoring! Ok, the photo isn't from today, but isn't the little bun just adorable?

Back to what I was doing. In my hunt for a recipe, I found a lot of them with "condensed cream of..." soups. While convenient, somehow, I'm just not in the mood for adding those. Just seems to me that stroganoff has to have sour cream, not soup. Now I do have a hamburger stroganoff recipe from way back, like the 70's, but darned if I can find it. So on with the experiment. I sometimes wonder why I keep on cooking since there's only me. It has to be connected to the whole being part of a couple thing for so many years and before that, growing up with a mom who made three meals a day forever.

I'm sure there are fans out there of Hamburger Helper, but after my last visit to that land (having been away for decades) you'll recall that it didn't turn out so well. In fact, it was ghastly. Well, I'd best get going or dinner will once again be at 9 p.m.!

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Blogger A Feast for the Eyes said...

Hi! Nice to meet you and thank for popping in to my blog! I'm with you on not wanting to add canned soups. Same with Hamburger Helper. It seems that we have similar goals with cooking. My challenge is to find ways to make my own "mixes", so I know what's in it. It's so gratifying when it works out. BTW, Monica (Lick the Bowl Good) is a personal friend of mine. Her recipes rock!!

5/22/11, 4:29 PM  
Blogger Christine said...

Hi Debby, Thanks for visiting and leaving a comment! Yes, we're both on the "ditch processed foods" path and it's so much tastier. Say hi to Monica, I really like her blog and recipes too. Funny how tiny the world is becoming. Your site is in my favs list (as is hers), so I'll be visiting often!

5/22/11, 4:37 PM  

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