Mr. Raccoon

This weekend I ran out to get some food and since I had a coupon for 30% off at a local pharmacy/mini-mart, that's where I went. So as I looked for anything that I really needed, I walked by a display of unstuffed animal toys. I'd been eyeing these for several months now but would not plunk down $9.99 for one. Not that Blue's not worth it, I just wasn't that flush. So when I walked by the display, low and behold, they were on sale for $2.50! Joy of joys. Plus I had a coupon! So Mr. B has a new toy. It's an unstuffed raccoon that's 22 inches long, furry and limp (no stuffing). There's a squeaker in the head and tail.
Look at that worried, uber-protective little face!
I wasn't sure Blue would like it since when he hears squeaky noises on TV he goes crazy barking at them. Well, he LOVES it and carries it everywhere with him! It's hysterically funny! Especially since he's so short, he has to hold it up off the floor or twirl and bundle it for easier transport. He even sleeps with his head on it, like it's a puppy or his little friend. He seems so happy with it! And so, I'm very happy!

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