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A few days ago, I finally broke down and turned on the living room window air conditioner. It killed me to do that but even with a small fan blowing directly on me, the heat was stifling and I was melting. Unfortunately, while I love LA, I hate the heat, this is why I've ruled out Austin, Texas as a place to move to. I love that city, it has so much to offer but the summer heat would be worse than here since it's compounded by humidity.

How I envy the people who love the heat. I can't even imagine having that kind of tolerance. I've never been one for sun-bathing. Though I love swimming, there's nothing that interests me in laying in the sun and sweating to get a suntan. Of course that's basically impossible since all I do and have done my whole life is turn bright red with sunburn. However, the next day or so, it doesn't turn into a tan, it just fades and I'm pale again. The most tan I ever get is the slightest of gold which still looks pretty much like I haven't been in the sun at all, so there just is no point in the whole process.

Of course, now, I'm glad that I didn't keep trying to get tan, given what we know about melanoma and early aging of the skin. But I was jealous of those girls who glowed and looked so healthy with a deep tan every summer. Well, that was a tangent out of nowhere. If you can't tell, I'm currently just a bit obsessed with the heat though I'm so grateful for the lack of humidity here.

What's this time of year feel like to you wherever you live?



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