Knitting and Hades Post

Yesterday the temps topped out in the mid 90's (32C). Starting today, they're going into the high 90's (32C) with Sunday predicted to hit 100F (37+C). They're expected to stay that way for at least 7 days. Sadly the nighttime temps will follow them and be in the low 80's vs. 60's (15C) where they should be. I suppose this is par for the crazy weather on this planet. We've lucked out here in So Cal with really temperate weather, so it seems like this is going to be the summer from Hades where the weather gets even with us.

Thus the fingerless gloves I'd begun working on (starting on Christmas presents early) will be going on hold. The pattern is "Fetching" from Ravelry. An easy and enjoyable project. I've posted this before, but it's really a good picture, courtesy of Ravelry.

In getting this photo, I checked into my Ravelry account and discovered three messages waiting for me! One as far back as Valentine's Day! I'll have to stop in there a bit more often. While at Ravelry I found another pattern for fingerless gloves called Owlings by Kerrie. It's a free pattern and they may be next on my needles if it gets a bit cooler. I tried to download a photo but can't so follow the link.

I can't believe I'm writing about knitting in July!

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