Even More Refrigerator Dillies Post

Yes, I do have pickles on the brain. Nice, crispy, icy dills. A simple old-fashioned pickle. It's got to be the heat. Summer has been kind to us up until yesterday. Now we're in the 100's (37.7C's) and110's (43.3C's). So here are more easy cold process dill pickle recipes. Some of the recipes even claim they last as long as 6 months in the fridge (if you can resist them for that long).

From Foodie with Family there is the Homemade Claussen Knock Off recipe. Food.com has several Claussen copies like this one and this one for Claussen Clones. I also found Claussen-Like Refrigerator Pickles and Claussen Dill Pickles (Refrigerator). There are even more on this site and all the ones I've listed  had a 5 star rating.

It appears from another site, idigmygarden.com, that adding heat ruins the crunchiness of the pickles. Lots of pickle info here. At recipesecrets.net/forums you'll find even more info and copycat recipes. Frankly, if you just Google "claussen dill pickle recipe" you will be overwhelmed by the abundance and variety of copycat recipes for these delicious greenies. Some with garlic (a "must" in my opinion) and some without. As well as recipes for those who like some heat in their pickles and variations that are tamer.

I may just have to pay a visit to a nearby farmers market tomorrow morning despite the 106+F (41+C) heat. Then again, maybe I'll wait for a cool spell.

Tomorrow we'll be talkin' tomatoes.

P.S. Will I never ever remember??? Ran out to buy a rotisserie chicken for dinner and while at the store spotted Virginia ham for $2.00 off/lb. which is perfect for sandwiches. So I bought a pound (.5K). Got home, put the groceries on the porch, ran into the house to let the dog out (I'd been gone to the Dr. and store for three hours) and saw my neighbor in the house behind me was out in the backyard. I walked back there to let him know about the "block party" on Sunday and we talked. Suddenly I heard the unmistakable sound of shredding plastic followed by deadly silence. I ran for the gate which wouldn't open. When I finally got the gate open and ran to the porch, there it was, the chewed up plastic bag with no sign of ham and the evil little beastie was starting in on the hard plastic covered roast chicken. A whole pound of ham!!! Guess who'll be getting no din-din tonight. As I've said before, I was very spoiled by my dear Siberian, Frost and her good behavior plus it's a darn good thing Blue's as cute as he is!

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