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Almost forgot...midst all these errands, I was scheduled to go in for a blood test. Something I've been putting off. Hate needles! In my thirties, I set down some rules for the phlebotomist when drawing my blood.
     1.) You get one try. No exceptions or second attempts.
     2.) I tell you where the only "good" vein is.
     3.) Do NOT, under any circumstances let me see the needle. You will regret it. Trust me on this.
     3.) Don't tell me that I'll be fine in the special chair. Again, trust me, you want me to lay down.
     4.) Odds are I may faint.
     5.) I will probably hum a non-existent tune out loud, through the process. Just ignore it.
     6.) I then tell the person that I trust their professionalism, appreciate their kindness and know they will be successful.

I've had pretty good luck over the years if my "rules" are followed and not dismissed. My parents grew up in a era where no one ever questioned medical authorities. They did as they were told. I do not subscribe to that belief.

As I said, I usually fair pretty well. Not today. This was a fasting blood draw, late in the day. I wound up passing out. It took an hour for my body to stop feeling like a limp, wet noodle. I felt badly since the phlebotomist isn't allowed to leave your side till you're completely back to normal and can walk without passing out.

When she finally was able to be sure I was stable, she walked with me to a bench in the hall. She still wouldn't let me leave. She insisted that I sit a while longer. She took a little nine month old girl and her mom into the room right by me. Poor little squirming soul...the phlebotomist tried but the baby became hysterical, crying at the top of her lungs. I felt so sorry for both of them.

The mom finally couldn't take it and said she'd come back when little Isabella calmed down. Both tried to soothe the little thing the whole time, but the baby was just beside herself, clueless and in pain. I felt like such a big baby but then forgave myself because I know why I have the fear I do. As I said, I left an hour later, went through a fast food drive through, parked and ate my sandwich and inhaled the whole soda. I felt much better.

Lesson learned:  Don't schedule a fasting blood test so late in the day, especially when it involves four whole vials of blood! Good grief!

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Blogger Joanne said...

I hate blood draws also and I think I need to institute some of your rules. I'm glad you through it okay!

11/24/11, 4:04 AM  
Blogger Christine said...

I developed "the rules" in self defense. Otherwise I leave looking like a drug addict who doesn't know how to use a needle...big purple hematoma.

11/24/11, 4:12 PM  

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