Holiday Crazies Post

Well, I'm off for the second and last day of errands. The little heater that I just purchased at Rite Aid doesn't work, so have to go there to return it. Next over to Home Depot to get a new one. I called ahead to make sure they had exactly what I wanted and voila! There are 62 of them in stock and theirs are $6 less expensive.

Next, Ralph's grocery for a few things that Stater's surprisingly didn't have when I was there Monday. This will be followed by Trader Joe's, Pavilion's (again, just a couple of things) and somewhere in there, also the cleaners and bank.

On Monday at Stater Brothers, there was a major traffic jam in the store, between the meat counter and the frozen turkeys across the aisle. Literally. And no one was going to give an inch or back up so anyone could get through! It was hysterical!

At this time of year, a crazed fever comes over people, like the stores are going to run out of food or something. It was clear there were plenty of birds, both frozen and fresh but it didn't matter. I had the perfect mindset for dealing with the insanity. I just chuckled to myself and couldn't help but smile at all the serious scowling faces, so fearful of not getting a turkey or ham. There was muttering here and there about how someone heard of a friend who didn't get one last year. All I could do was roll my eyes, such sillies.

That's one thing I've noticed about myself since the divorce, I'm calmer, I smile more, laugh more easily and don't sweat the little things...well, at least not most of the time. As I drove home last night, I noticed I felt no need to zip in and out of traffic like I used to. If someone wanted to cut in front of me, fine, be my guest. It's just funny.

This feeling of peace and humor is something I've been slowly noticing of late. It hasn't been around for a long time and I'm so grateful for it. I'm not perfect at it and I may not have a lot, but it's okay. Somehow, it's better. I think writing for this blog helps. As I said in an earlier post, I think about what I'm saying and how it's negative or positive.

Grey House Journal is a wonderful little outlet for my soul and the fact that people all over the world stop by to take a look still blows me away. Today there were 24 visitors from Slovenia...Hi Slovenia! I hope you have a happy day. It's the comments too that warm the cockles of my heart. To think that people would pause from their day to read what I wrote...truly amazes me.

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