It's 2011!

Happy New Year! Now we can all, universally, spend the next month or two trying to remember to put another "1" after the "1" and not a "0"! It's one of those rare group experiences that happen on the planet. Today I'm going to do some divorce stuff for Monday but the rest of the day I'm goofing off and making treats to eat. Yes, I gave into over-indulgence this year and oddly am glad that I did!

This particular holiday year I became enamored with egg nog. Normally that never happens, I'll buy a quart (.95 liters), drink some and then forget about it until I "find" it in the back of the fridge and several weeks have passed since it's expiration date. This year however,  I've purchased it in half gallon containers. Since this "can't be my fault" (LOL), I blame it on a local grocery for putting it on sale for $2.99 a half gallon (1.89-1.90 liters) which is lower than anyone else by at least $1.50-$2.00. See? I saved money! Isn't it funny how we can rationalize nutritional blunders so easily? I'd already planned on returning to my usual way of eating which closely resembles the South Beach diet. It's the only thing my metabolism responds to. In my 20's I went on the Atkins diet which was really strict back then compared to today's version. It worked great with my metabolism, I just think that if I ever did the all protein thing again, my arteries would slam shut! Plus I love veggies too much to give them up!

Today I'm making crab and cream cheese dip, cutting up veggies and putting brie, smoked salmon and pate out with some crackers. I'm going to be cooking several chicken breasts for wine country chicken salad for the upcoming week and chicken pot pie for tonight's dinner. You'd think I was having a crowd over wouldn't you? The plan is to freeze the leftovers marking a "use by" date clearly on the inside and outside of the package. I hate finding "phantom" food in the freezer. You know the kind...you can't tell if it's pork, or beef or...could it possibly be chicken?

I hope this coming year brings all of you happiness, peace and love. I'm sure we could all use some! And thank you too, for tuning into this little blog where I ramble endlessly!!

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