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Today didn't go at all like I planned. Did you ever stay up late, past the point where you're yawning almost contiuously and then hit a point of no return, get your second wind only to discover you couldn't fall sleep to save your life? I did that last night. For some reason, I decided to watch episodes of "Firefly" (Hulu.com) on my computer. I finally fell asleep at 4 or so. Woke up at 9 and did a number of things and by 11 in the morning was exhausted.

Now I do have a minor health condition that required some testing last week and the results explained my recent tiredness but due to the holiday, I have to wait till next week to get the adjusted medication. Thus I can't be too hard on myself for crawling back into bed and sleeping like a rock till 5 in the afternoon. But, as a result, my whole day of "nibble food" was thrown for a loop. Nothing got done! As I sit here typing I'm wondering what I could put together for din-din.

Since I haven't cooked the chicken breasts yet, I was thinking maybe my Moroccan Chicken with Green Olives which I love. But looking at the clock, I wouldn't be eating till at least 9 pm. After some more thought, I've decided to go with the remaining steak tartare. I need to use it today or I'll have to cook it up as a hamburger tomorrow. There's a time limit on eating raw beef, at least there is in my mind. I'll still go ahead with cooking the chicken for pot pie and chicken salad. Some of the smoked salmon will (ideally) top off tomorrow morning's eggs and the balance get frozen into small packets for the occasional indulgence.

In my constant quest to improve on my chicken pot pie recipe, I'll be dicing and steaming carrots and celery instead of using frozen for the pie. I did break down and buy frozen corn since the fresh that's available looked pretty sad. Also picked up a couple of zucchini so I may (here I go, getting all ambitious again) make zucchini bread or a curried cream of zucchini soup...we'll see how far I get tomorrow.

With that, once again, I wish you the very happiest of New Years!!!!!

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