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Just realized I haven't posted since Sunday. Probably because I'm in an allergic haze. The pecan tree outside  my bedroom is blooming, well, I'm not sure blooming is the right word. It gets these three and four inch long strands of tassels covered with lime green flower like things that shed a ton of chartreuse colored pollen. It covers everything. In fact, I've been hiding out in the house.

Problem is that when Blue has to go out, his coat gets a dusting (the tree is relentless) of pollen. He comes into the house and suddenly I'm having a sneezing, runny nose, wheezing, itchy eyes and ears attack. So now, he's greeted with two wet paper towels and wiped down which seems to help. I hate to waste paper towels, seems environmentally unfriendly but the trade off is using half a box of facial tissues from sneezing and blowing my nose. I buy 6 to 8 boxes of tissue every few days.

This all has a point actually, and that is to ask why on earth asthma inhalers were banned because the propellant hurt the ozone, yet hairspray with propellant is still available. I guess the message being sent by our legislators is that making hair stay in place is more important than the ability to breathe. I think before that was done, everyone who got to vote on it should have been treated to a taste of what not getting enough air feels like! It just boggles the mind!

Oh, one can get a new version type of inhaler that's environmentally friendly, but since these babies are "new" they fall into the brand name not generic category of drugs which my insurance doesn't cover. So I have to pay about $40 to breathe. Isn't that just special? Makes tons of sense doesn't it? I've chosen the only affordable alternative which is to use generic albuteral liquid with a nebulizer. This is so ridiculous. I get over a month's supply for $10! The down side is that I can't be away from the house and machine if I want to breathe during this allergy period. Let's just return to the 1950's because of misguided environmental governance.

The whole debacle kind of reminds me of viagra and how that was rushed into existence while breast and prostrate cancer still have no cure. Just another of life's little mysteries in this male dominated society. I'll get off my soapbox now. I've been wanting to address this raging stupidity for several years now. Thanks for listening.



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