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File this under "things you take for granted till they're gone". Like your mother. For the last few difficult weeks, I've thought of her more than usual, wishing beyond all reason that I could talk with her. She died over a decade ago and I still miss her. There was something about talking to her, knowing she was at the other end of the phone line that gave me a comfort I never realized before. Like I said, you don't know what you've got, till it's gone.

Somehow, when things were less than perfect, she knew just what to say to calm your ruffled or tear-smudged feathers and when you were happy about something, it made her happy. The thing about my mom, is that she never complained. Well, she might grumble about this or that little thing, but never really complained (not the way I can at least...lol) about life. She was a very gentle soul that way. The kind of soul that believed in people to a fault.

I still remember one Sunday when we were driving down to visit my Auntie M, I was probably 19 or 20. My dad was driving and it had just rained. One of those Midwestern storms that blows through and leaves big fluffy clouds and sunshine in its wake. The four of us were in the car, all silent, lost in our thoughts and suddenly my mom bursts out excitedly "Rainbow! Rainbow!" She had the biggest smile and was actually bouncing in her seat and pointing. My dad nearly had a heart attack and told her so! It was the funniest thing, well, not at the time because he was really ticked! He didn't see the humor in it but it sort of illustrates the childlike heart my mom had. To see a rainbow was joyous and magical and happiness at it's best.

I miss you mom.
Love & Kisses,

P.S. Funny, today's kind of like that day. A shower blew through early this morning and we now have a cloud dappled, sunny day!

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