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First, I want to ask my readers, especially those of you who live outside the U.S. if you have "block parties" or anything like them in your country. Several people I met today said they'd never been to a block party or had one where they lived. Have you? I'd love to hear about it! Just leave any info or links in the comments section. Thank you!

Today's "block party" was a success with about 100 attendees, though more would have shown up if it hadn't been so freakishly hot. The dark street asphalt really absorbs/reflects the heat from the sun, so neighbors were taking refuge under any tree they could find. The huge Live Oak in my front yard was a popular spot because of the vast amount of heavy shade it provided.

The street was blocked off from cars by barricades at each end. Several restaurants were supposed to set up tents in the street and offer tastings. For some unknown reason, they didn't show up. Oh well.

There was a kiddy pool set up filled with ice, water and marbles. The idea was for the kids to try to find and pick up the marbles with their toes. It was very popular, even with the adults.

A DJ played music and several pop-up tents were set up for different organizations like Relay for Life, the local food bank that had bags of canned goods for any who needed help and the neighborhood watch group. There also was a table for pot luck dishes to nibble on and plenty of cold water.

It was interesting meeting the people surrounding me, especially those from the houses and apartments behind the front houses on the street. Most of the properties in this area have two units or more on them so that's a lot of people. I even met the city's mayor!

The temperature was at least 105F (45.5C) in the shade with little to no breeze. I lasted about 40 minutes and suddenly could feel myself getting a little woozy, so back into the air conditioned house I went. A bit later I went out, this time with Blue. He had a good time meeting people and they were quite happy to indulge him with tummy rubs when he shamelessly rolled onto his back. He'd been beside himself since he couldn't see what was going on and so he was barking and grumping. I think getting out, helped him.

After about 30 minutes, I retreated into the house. Timing was just right since the party was over and clean up had begun.

My poor little window air conditioner is trying so hard, but it can only manage to keep the living room coolish. I dread seeing my electricity bill. It's going to be painful, I just know.

Anyhow, that was our block party in a nutshell! 

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