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Just called my brother in Connecticut to wish my nephew a happy birthday. He had told me on Monday that the whole family would be together for a belated celebration. Perfect, I get to say "hi" to everyone! Turns out the universe had another plan for the East Coast named Hurricane Irene. When I called just now, I got the answering machine, again. So I finally just left a message of birthday greetings.

After 15 or so minutes, I decided to call back...no idea why but got my bro' this time. They were outside trying to get the patio furniture into safety and making sure all the "hatches were battened down" since Irene was well on her way leaving devastation in her wake. Needless to say our conversation was short.

He heard that at the least there'd be 14 hours of down-pouring rain and winds 60-70 miles per hour. I hope that's all. I can't imagine NYC getting hit by this hurricane but the news is showing photos of people there boarding shop windows with plywood.

After all the rain the East Coast received this Spring and Summer I can't imagine many areas will escape flooding. So I'm sending good wishes to everyone there for a safe ride through this storm.



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