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In the past I've mentioned that I prefer to buy Foster Farms chicken. It suddenly dawned on me that I never explained why. My chiropractor who actually channels energy and clears blockages in one's body (yes, this is California, what can I say...) advised me two years ago to limit my intake of red meat, to only buy wild caught fish and not eat chicken which were fed antibiotics, steroids and hormones.

After some research and phone calls, I was assured Foster Farms poultry almost fit that bill and are grown about 10 miles from me. A blurb from their website states "fresh, locally grown chicken and turkey have no added hormones, steroids or artificial enhancers". They do however use antibiotics as noted on their website "As part of our long-term commitment to natural poultry products, Foster Farms continues to be prudent in the use of antibiotics in the production of poultry".

Okay, so not perfect, but at least it's a start. Whole Foods has more organic chicken, but it's super pricy. While FF may not be as expensive as the chickens at WF, it's still not cheap, so I always peruse the weekly food ads. Stater Brothers often has the breasts with ribs on sale in the jumbo pack for $0.99/lb. I don't know if, at my age, it will really makes any difference since I was born in the day when they still sprayed farms with DDT. At least it makes me feel like I'm doing something reasonably good for myself.

In some of my past searches I found the following sites on which may interest you. They did me. Who knew about celery and how bad it could be? First is a list of the fruits and veggies one "should" buy organic and ones that are fairly safe not to. It's from the Environmental Working Group, a non-profit organization, a site that has a great deal of info and not just about food.

I also found the Monterey Bay Aquarium's Seafood Watch Pocket Guide which covers ocean friendly choices for seafood around the U.S. including Hawaii. There's a sushi guide too. Each regional guide is downloadable. For example here is the link for the West Coast Guide. It has "Best Choices", "Good Alternatives" and "Avoid". I tried to copy it but can't get it to paste into Blogger, so just click on the link.

Another link I discovered when I Googled "pocket guide to buying chicken" was this link has both meats and poultry covered. While I still can't afford to buy uncaged, outdoor, free-range chickens at Whole Foods, I can at least protect myself a little, even if I can't do more to help the birds.

Actually, after commenting on the costs of buying certain foods, I found this link, "Dr. Greene Pediatrics Naturally" blog. It had an article titled "5 Ways to Buy Organic on a Budget" plus, as you would expect, all kinds of info on feeding children and avoiding obesity.

That's all for today, just wanted to share some info you may or may not have known about. Possibly someday, I'll live in an area where I can have chickens for their eggs and Blue can "herd" them. Wouldn't that be a sight? Then again, maybe I'll just live near a farm that sells them! Lol!

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