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In my baby-step attempt to be less of a hermit, I called a friend the other day whom I hadn't seen or spoken to in months. Her husband had some health issues this summer and I hoped he was better. Turns out they've changed their eating habits. Back in November, she'd joined Weight Watchers and lost 15 pounds but it took a long time. When her husband landed in the hospital, she researched all kinds of diets  to improve one's health and stumbled on the Paleo diet. As a result, she's 35 pounds lighter, two sizes smaller and he's much improved.

The Paleo diet is one that excludes wheat products and is based on the hunter/gatherer type of eating. This quote is from Time: "Believers say that only by returning to a diet of wild game and fresh produce, eliminating grains and dairy, and exercising in short, intense bursts, can we thrive in a world of escalators and cheese fries."

When I googled Paleo diet, there were plenty of sites to check out. My friend also emailed the following links to me:
Mark's Daily Apple
The Food Lovers Primal Palate
Simply Sugar and Gluten Free
Robb Wolf Blog
Primal Kitchen Blog
Everyday Paleo
Fat Head

The fact that about five weeks ago my arms broke out in some crazy rash and hives that itch like mad has me wondering. It's very similar to the psoriasis that broke out on my legs at the beginning of the divorce which I attributed to stress as it started covering my body. Currently, it's only noticeable on my lower calves thank goodness.

I'd begun to wonder if it was something in the prepared salads that was affecting me. It flared up after a few weeks of eating the salads. Now I'm curious if it could be a wheat allergy. Last night I bought a rotisserie chicken and that was my dinner with plenty left for this evening. I had little to no itching last night.

This morning I made a small sandwich and within three hours the rash went wild. I applied an ice pack to the areas affected which helped a little. As I write this, I alternate between typing and scratching. Yes, I know, I shouldn't give in, but the itching is rabid. I've tried the topical medicine that helps my legs but it does nothing for my arms. Even the new cream prescribed last week has little effect. So I'm inclined to re-think what I consume.

This will be more of an elimination method than an actual diet. I'll be starting with the prepackaged salads. The rash started shortly after I started eating them exclusively for dinner. Instead, I'll have chicken or wild-caught fish with a cooked (ideally organic) vegetable for dinner. This means I'll have to cook which is a pain, but if it stops the itching, I'll do it. Amazing what can motivate us.

Rather than eat sandwiches made with bread, I'll make lettuce wraps. Just Google lettuce wraps or paleo lettuce wraps and you find a plethora of ideas. I will wash the lettuce in a 10 to 1 solution of water to vinegar to get rid of any bacteria. (That's another whole topic in itself, but I'll save that for another day.)

Another wrap I'm going to look into is a copycat recipe for P.F.Chang's. If you haven't tried their wraps you're really missing a treat! I even found a video for them.

Anyways, I'll be posting the results. Who knows? I do know the property manager for this rental cut out all glutens over a year ago and says she feels great. Her psoriasis, arthritis and cholesterol levels have greatly improved. And she even lost some weight. Can't complain about that.

P.S. This may be easier said/written, than done....

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