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Some days you just shouldn't get out of bed in the morning. Last Saturday was such a case. I wasn't going to write about this, but in the little time I've spent on the computer recently, it seems there's a rash of injuries involving bloggers and breaking bones.

In my case, I was up on a ladder in the garage, putting a box up in the rafters. A wasp suddenly was in my face. Seriously, fascinated with my face! So I hastened down the ladder while swatting at it with my left hand. Unfortunately, I missed the second to last rung and fell onto the concrete. Since my arm was up in the air (darn wasp), the left ribs hit the concrete with gusto. To add insult to injury, I grazed the sharp edge of a metal box on the way down. Ow!

It wasn't till today when I went to wash the shirt I was wearing, that I discovered a nasty tear in the side of it. Of course, that's nothing because I broke at least one rib!

The pain of a broken rib is something you never forget. Oh sure, after it's mended, you forget. But should it happen again, you know it immediately...the pain is truly unique. I can't describe it. I fractured my ankle in four places ages ago and it's nothing like that. I've had surgeries and the pain just isn't the same.

Fifteen years ago I broke a rib from violent coughing when I had double pneumonia. As I said, you can tell instantly. You "know" the pain. The problem with a broken rib is that it can't be put in a cast or treated somehow. Time is the only cure, which is utterly annoying to me.

So I've been taking it extremely easy, icing it off and on. Yesterday I even hobbled out to get a second ice pack.

This is not making Mr. Blue happy at all. No playing since I can't bend down to pick up a toy without a squeal of pain (from me). So the poor little fellow is sulking in a far corner of the living room at the moment.

I'm glad I had the two previous posts partially written because I'll be taking a break for a few days. I can only sit up to type for so long and then it's back to bed and ice packs.

It's always something...



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