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Can you believe it's September 2 already? I'd ask "where did the summer go" but I'm secretly happy that it's nearing an end. If you've read any of this summer's posts, you know that I haven't liked being hot. In fact, I was a bit obsessive about it to say the least.

There's still at least a month or more to go and September is usually when temperatures from Hades enter the picture. In Southern California, this month usually brings daytime temps in the 100+ F range (37.7+ C)  and night-time temperatures that don't fall below 72F (22.2 C) which means nothing cools off and the heat builds up day by day. Walls of houses actually are very warm to the touch. Don't get me wrong, it's still way better than high heat and humidity one experiences in the Midwest, East Coast and Southeast!

So, I just continue to hide out in my little rental. Today's not too bad so far, haven't had to turn on the air conditioning yet, just the fan. I really don't know why I abhor the heat so much this summer. Kind of reminds me of a joke-type birthday card I saw a few years ago. The punchline was "a little bit older...a little bit odder". Or it could be related to "the tree butcher".

On the computer front, after talking to my friend, I decided to keep the iMac I purchased two weeks ago. Since I refuse to spend $90.00/month on cable or satellite, there's really no reason to purchase a new TV to replace the one that died. (I count myself quite lucky to have had it survive for 15+ years!) Instead, I'll probably purchase a subscription to Hulu Plus for $7.99/month. It has all the popular TV shows that I used to watch on TV plus content exclusive to Hulu and much more.

As far as the advertising, there's not a lot of difference from traditional TV and I can comment if the ads mean anything to me or not. Somehow getting to express an opinion about what ads I have to look at makes them more endurable. And then there's always Netflix if I run out of things on Hulu. But in the end, I really don't watch that much TV. Usually one or two shows a night to relax before sleep.

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