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Visited Cooking by the Seat of My Pants blog the other day and noticed Jerry had a recipe for ceviche with salmon! Mmmm! I've always just made it with swordfish, but salmon sounds so good and it's my favorite fish! So now I'll be watching for wild caught salmon on sale in the weekly ads.

Of course, my version will definitely not have any Anaheim chiles in it. As I've mentioned before the  capsicum family (chiles/peppers) and I do not get along. I wish we did, because so many recipes these days call for spicy heat. Chiles are even suggested for helping to stay cool on hot days and to speed up one's metabolism.

This also kind of limits me when it comes to get-togethers with friends, since a large portion of the appetizers, entrees and whatever else other people bring to share are inevitably spicy. When I say spicy I'm referring strictly to hot peppers like jalapenos, Anaheim's, habaneros, cayenne and so forth. Even plain black pepper can potentially wreak havoc in my stomach if I'm not cautious.

As a result, I tend to bring fresh finger-size veggies with a yogurt/sour cream/herb dip when invited to a get-together, just so I'll have something to eat! As I've mentioned in an earlier post, the "go-to" potluck dish is my tuna salad recipe when a main course is needed. Although for the next potluck, I may try making one of the curried cauliflower dishes I've noticed popping up lately on food blogs. Strangely, Indian spices like garam masala and curries don't phase me one bit.

I think I've also noted in a past post that when I was still married, I'd made curry with beef for dinner, served over basmati rice. While I was gobbling it up (it was so good) my then husband (who often criticized me for not being able to eat spicy foods) looked at me and asked how I could eat it. Lol! His face was beet red and drops of perspiration were rolling down his forehead. It was pretty funny since the dish had no effect on me. Sort of a little karmic justice I guess.

Anyway, I'll have to share my curry recipe with you. Well, I will, as soon as I make a final decision on a computer. I don't want to spend time downloading what I was lucky enough to back up last November, until I've made my final decision. I like this recipe because it's very versatile, you can use lamb, beef, chicken or shrimp in it.

Today though, I will share my super-easy vegetable dip with you.

16 oz. (453.592 grams) sour cream (I like Knudson's) *
2-4 t. Lemon Pepper (I like Lawry's)
2-3 t. Beau Monde Seasoning from Spice Islands

2-3 t. Bon Appetit Seasoning Salt from McCormick

You can either toss all the seasonings into the sour cream container and stir together thoroughly or put the sour cream and seasonings into a bowl, mixing well. Then, either put the dip all back into the container or if you used the bowl method just cover the bowl with plastic wrap. Put in the fridge for at least 4 hours, stirring once or twice.

I suggest starting with the smallest amounts of spice noted, mix together and chill. After about 2 hours, give it a stir and taste. Add more of each as needed. Remember it's easier to add than remove. One thing I've noticed is that if there's not enough "fresh" taste, adding a bit more Bon Appetit does the trick. I hope you enjoy this. It's always devoured when brought to any gathering.

*Note:  you can also use half sour cream and half yogurt to lighten the dip calorie-wise. Enjoy!

P.S. I knew I forgot something! This is also a fabulous dip for artichokes. The flavors all compliment each other beautifully.

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