Gobble, Gobble 2011 Part One

Happy Thanksgiving! I know the U.S. is one of the few countries to celebrate this holiday but I think it's a good one. This year, I'm listing just a few things that I'm thankful for, but first the day's news.

Apparently yesterday's experience took more out of me than I realized because I slept and slept. When I tried to get up, I felt like I'd been drugged and just dropped back into bed. Actually, it's one of the things I'm grateful for. I finally respect what my body is telling me and don't push past it. I honor and obey it's message. It took a long time to get here and lots of heartbreak, but the gift is peace and learning to release the strangling reins of "control".

Last year, when I decided to make my turkey on Friday, not Thursday, I was glad for my decision. It became my own little holiday, there was no rush, so I could spend Thanksgiving on myself. At about 3 p.m., I woke slowly from my mental haze laying there thinking that I was very fortunate. There is a roof over my head and it's not the one in my car. That was a big and very real fear all of last Spring. There is food in my fridge and I have a wonderful little companion.

When I finally got up, I looked out my window, the streets in this rental neighborhood, normally lined with cars, were bare and all rentals sat dark. Meaning everyone is off visiting family. But I have my little blog "family" around the world and for that I'm most grateful.

So, this afternoon, I'll be printing out the recipes I plan to use including the post about how I made last year's turkey. Plus, I found a delicious, super quick and easy recipe for Chocolate Sables at The Soup Addict which I plan to make. Have all the ingredients on hand! Perfect for giftie plates for neighbors.

Foodiewife, Debby over at A Feast for the Eyes had an excellent post for "make ahead" turkey gravy as well as how to make a smooth gravy to begin with. Even if you've already made your gravy, I suggest you check it out and bookmark it for the next turkey you cook. She's also been posting other holiday recipes and tips well worth reading!

Joanne, at Eats Well with Others has an incredible desert recipe that you must see! I'm not that ambitious at the moment and have no one to share it with but if you're looking for a treat to wow guests and family, this is it. Holy smokes, heaven in one dish. Won't tell you the recipe's name because you really have to visit her blog. Great photos too! As do all the other blogs I've mentioned.

This activity will be short-lived since I can barely keep my eyes open. Thus back to bed. I'll continue this post in a bit.

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