Gobble, Gobble 2011 Part Two

So I'm awake again, finally. Dinner consisted of a Trader Joe's salad and their Charles Shaw "Two Buck Chuck" Cabernet. I "treated" myself to the Thanksgiving episode of Blue Bloods which I'd saved for today. It made for a very enjoyable and peaceful evening. Mr. B. received extra treats and got to surprise and chase (he is really amazingly fast!) a trespassing opossum across the yard and up the palm tree. Sheriff Blue was very happy :)

This holiday I'm thankful for my little red companion, a roof over my head and food. I'm also grateful for a 12 year old car that still keeps running (knock on wood). I'm happy to have a computer that can also double as a TV using Hulu. So grateful for free flu shots courtesy of L.A. County Health Department and for the low cost clinic I found via them.

I'm thankful that I can walk, talk, think, see, listen and so many other physical abilities that are so delicate and precious. My gratitude extends to...

Sorry, falling asleep, I'll continue this tomorrow. May you all feel at peace and sleep well tonight.

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