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Following my last post, I've been a bit embarrassed to write. I really try not to be a whiner. So I just hovered out there in blogland, trying to decide what to do or think or say. That's when I was reminded of Allie's blog, Hyperbole and a Half. She finally had a new entry...of course it was hysterical...

Disclaimer:  this is the part where I warn you to remember that I have a slightly warped and off-kilter sense of humor. Okay, you've been advised.

...I LOVE her blog. Her cartoon stories literally have me rolling on the ground! I've written about her blog in some previous entry that I can't find amongst my 400+ previous posts. Her most recent entry hit so close to home, that I just about choked as I laughed. Told you I've got an oddball sense of humor. But I could SO identify with this post. She's gotten over 4,000 comments on it!

It's amazing how many depressed people are out there! In a weird way, I felt better and was actually able to laugh at myself! Over time, I've learned that laughter is the greatest drug! I think I wrote of this before...there was a time in the late '70's when gold necklaces, bracelets and charms were the fashion craze. My friends and I "bought in".
Source:  Unknown/ Though kind of a nasty looking example.
One charm I remember was the theatre/drama masks of smiling/sad faces. I found it at a time when I could either laugh or cry and I chose to laugh. I'll never forget it. Unfortunately, I had to sell it with all my other gold (not much) last spring to pay part of my rent. But the thought always remained...laugh or cry. I chose to laugh (though not always the easy choice).

Hope you enjoy the link. Thank you to everyone who visits and reads my little blog, you are a gift.

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