Love and Kisses Post

I can barely breathe...

...once again, she came out of nowhere and leapt upon me 
and my soul, just as she did two years ago, almost seconds of when she was actually passing. The thought hit me in just the same way...like she'd jumped upon my chest...all 70+ pounds of her...bam! I remember laying by her side that night, on the patio; she in her bed, I on the concrete. Who cared? She'd already pretty much left this world, but said "hi" on the way up. I'll never forget that experience, that gift of grace...to be there with her on her journey's beginning.

She is here tonight in my very being. Hard to describe. But I know the feeling so well. It was one I'd never had with my other five Siberians. She was and is my angel and guardian. I'm so amazed at this stunning "happening"...really don't know what else to call it! She came to remind me she loved me as much as I loved and missed her. 
Alpine in her sled harness, Big Bear and Snow Squinties 
My beloved Alpine...rest in peace. I love you. See you on the "other" side my love. 
Love and kisses, your mommy,

Note:  For the record, because of such a horrid divorce and threats to the three Siberians by my now ex husband, I'd changed all their names on this blog. 
Frost is really Alpine, love of my life and guardian of my soul.

Literally...I am still so amazed, I can barely breathe! What a gift! Thank you Alpine!

Odd......tonight, once again, an ill wind blows......
....a really nasty and unusual wind, as in 2009......very strange........

There's so much energy in this world that we have yet to understand.

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Blogger Joanne said...

I'm so glad you have your dogs to keep you company. They are such amazing creatures!

12/1/11, 3:36 AM  
Blogger Christine said...

Thank you so much for your comment Joanne!! You're such a dear. They are truly remarkable! Such special gifts. The San Gabriel Valley aka Foothills (just east of, but including Pasadena, was hit by 80+ mph winds last night. I just got power back (yay, So Cal Edison) but the devastated area is huge! Power still out in many areas. Lots of giant old trees fell. I'm very fortunate!!! Hope all's well with you.
P.S. Guess Alpine had a lot to say last night... :)

12/1/11, 10:42 PM  

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